Belga Sağlık ve Zirai Ürünler was founded in 1995. To its service in the health sector, it first started in the field of disinfectant and in a short time, became an important brand on the market with its innovative products. In the following years, by starting to operate in the field of disinfestation and environmental health, it has taken innovative steps in that field, too.

As the sole authorized Turkey distributor of SCD Probiotic (a strong American brand), Belga Health which always seeks the new and the beneficial one at every work it attempted, has carried out the firsts in Turkey in the field of human, environment and animal health.

Working with the companies specialized in their own field from all over the world, Belga Health which is the first antitoxin supplier of Turkey, continues to work for its country by bringing innovative solutions to all its stakeholders.


At innovation and utility; to provide continuity, quality, and trust. To provide benefit to our future by bringing producible technology and knowledge to our country.


To provide the best to our country by researching the latest, highest quality from all over the world and then combining them with our experiences.